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VCTC & Appropriation Services, LLC (VCTCApps)  concentrates on preparing and submitting VCTC Applications and on managing State of Florida Appropriations.                       We understand and recognize that as programs and projects are unique, so are  your  needs.  We put our combined Public and Private Sector knowledge to work for you with the express goal of ensuring that your interactions with the State of Florida, and the State's interactions with you, are positive.  


VOLUNTARY CLEANUP TAX CREDIT (VCTC) APPLICATION PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION:                                                                           

VCTCApps can be involved at any point in the VCTC process, including:  

  1. Attending meetings with applicant(s), their team and/or Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) staff about the site assessment/site rehabilitation process and the goals for the site;
  2. Compiling necessary documentation to support the costs claimed for site assessment, cleanup, remediation and/or closure, and solid waste removal;
  3. Reviewing Application Packages for completeness prior to submission to the CPA and Registered Technical Professional;
  4. Hand delivering applications; and
  5. Helping to understand and gather additional clarifying information requested by FDEP, even if we didn't prepare the application package.



  VCTCApps can manage an entire Appropriation Project, or just the portion needed, including: 

1. Assisting with the development of Scope, Deliverable(s) and Milestone(s);

2. Setting up the Payment process, Processing payments and providing follow-up when needed;

3. Preparing and submitting Project Reports;

4. Assisting with Agreement Amendments; and

5. Closing out Agreements.

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